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Werecamp Additional Info and Reminders

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    This post is a copy of an email sent to all Werecamp attendees. If you are registered for Werecamp and did not get this, check your spam box. If you still can’t find it let me know so I can verify your email address, two emails bounced back. If you’re not registered for Werecamp, feel free to read this anyways and learn a little more about the event.

    This is a recap of important information for Werecamp attendees. There’s also some additional information now available. First though we have a question we would appreciate everybody answering. Are any of you planning on leaving early? (Before Monday) This will help us make some final preparations. We will have a post mortem to discuss the event, and depending on when people leave we may actually have it at the end of the event, otherwise it will occur soon after the event.

    Friday Night

    Check-in is from 5 to 7 inside of the main building. Remember to bring your ID with you. You will receive your room assignment at this time along with your badge and some informational material. We will have some food available at this time, see the menu for details. At 7 we will have an orientation to officially start off the weekend. If you don’t have a state park pass on the vehicle you arrive in, be sure to stop by the park office before going to the group center to get one. The office usually closes at 4pm, so you will have to use the self-pay station.

    Kitchen Duty Sign-up

    We would like everybody to take a turn helping out in the kitchen and will have a sign-up at registration. Each meal we will take help with the meal prep, dishes, and cleaning the mess hall tables. For those of you with special dietary needs or allergies, helping with the meal prep earlier in the weekend will help us ensure we are meeting your needs. You will get first dibs on meal prep slots. On that note, if anyone has allergies they haven’t told us about, tell us ASAP.

    Health Form

    Each participant was sent a blank health history form. Completing this form is completely optional but recommended in the event of a medical emergency. Bring the completed form to check-in in a sealed envelope with your badge name on it. We will lock these away and only use it if there’s an emergency that requires it. After the event is over you can reclaim your form when you check-out. If you don’t reclaim the form it will be destroyed. Just so you know, we have a certified Wilderness First Responder on staff as well as staff trained in first aid.

    Beverages at Werecamp

    We will be providing hot water for hot drinks during the weekend as well as some frozen concentrate juice. We will NOT provide soda, so if you want to have soda you need to bring your own. Remember that alcohol is not allowed. This is a state law.

    Go or No Go Date

    On Wednesday the 24th we will be looking at the weather forecast to decide if we need to cancel the event due to hazardous weather conditions. We will make the call at 6pm, be sure to check the forums before leaving for Werecamp. Remember that we will provide a partial refund if we have to cancel due to weather.

    Activities and Schedule

    You are free to do whatever activities you want during the weekend, but we do have a loose schedule of some activities. Each evening we will have entertainment provided in the mess hall. If any werewolves show up we can have an impromptu photo shoot. There will be one activity that people do on their own time, this will be further explained Saturday morning. If there’s interest, we may do a night time hike.

    Snowshoe rentals are available at the park for $6/day (9am to 4pm)


    Saturday morning: Hiking/snowshoeing with Cybergarou

    Saturday afternoon: Werewolf LARP with Snowjay

    Sunday morning: Rope making and tug-of-war

    Sunday afternoon: Hiking/snowshoeing again


    If you are leaving early, be sure to let staff know so we can adjust the attendance numbers we give the park. On Monday morning we need everybody to clear their stuff out of the rooms by 9 so that we can get everything cleaned. We also need some people to help us with the cleanup as we must be finished by 10 for an inspection. If we fail this inspection it will cost us extra, so please help with cleanup.

    What to Pack

    • Here’s a list to remind you of what you should pack.
    • Bed linens or sleeping bag and a pillow.
    • Warm clothing that can be layered, avoid cotton (wool socks are much better)
    • Separate footwear for inside and outside, boots or shoes. (plan on taking snowy footwear off when going inside) Socks/barefoot ok
    • Personal toiletries including a roll of toilet paper. (If you rip the cardboard tube out and put it in a ziploc bag you get a dispenser)
    • A towel
    • bathhouse clothing (shower stalls are individual, but changing room is communal)
    • Pajamas for sleeping
    • Very optional, the cabin rooms don’t have doors, but if you want something like a door you can use a tension rod and a curtain or sheet.
    • Also optional but recommended, a camera.
    • Flashlight
    • If you own one, a werewolf costume.



    • Dinner – Ham, soup, roasted potatos, roasted veggies
    • Snack – Smores, Popcorn


    • Breakfast – Oatmeal, bagels, muffins, scrambled eggs, ham, pancakes, thawed fruit
    • Lunch – Mac and Cheese bar of the gods!! (pasta, gluten-free pasta, chicken, butter, milk, mushrooms, garlic, onions or leeks, chorizo, tuna, ham)
    • Dinner – Chili and cornbread (Veggie base, chicken or pork sausage add-in)
    • Snack


    • Breakfast – Oatmeal, bagels, muffins, scrambled eggs, ham, pancakes, thawed fruit
    • Lunch – Curry Bar (rice, roasted cauliflower, roasted broccoli, oven roasted chicken, butter curry, green curry, leftover chili or soup
    • Dinner – Leftovers
    • Snack


    • Breakfast – Leftovers

    Snacks include

    • string cheese, fruit, cheese curds, brie, cheez-its, chips, cookies, cakes
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