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Werecamp Registration Is Open!

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    Are there specific check-in/check-out times on the 26th and 29th to arrive after/leave before? The reg page states “The full weekend registration includes … meals from Saturday breakfast through Monday breakfast” Is this correct in that no meals will be provided on Friday?

    Check-in on Friday will be between 5 and 7 PM. On Monday we need everybody to pack up by 9 AM so we can get everything cleaned up by 10. (Any help cleaning will be greatly appreciated, we will need it.)

    Since we are expecting most people to still be traveling during supper time, we opted to not provide a full meal on Friday. We will be providing some light food after check-in closes, but you may want to grab supper on the way over or bring something with you.

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    I’m so excited! This will be my first camping experience 🙂
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    So a tad last minute but.


    So the camp counselor 2 bed, rooms.  Can I register for that room even if I don’t have another person to room with?  Or will you just assign another person who is at that rate into the room?

    The wording on the reg page suggests you need to have another person reg with you, which I don’t.


    “<label class=”must-show ng-binding”> Couple ($140.00)</label>

    Registration option for couples. Must register in a group of exactly 2. Lodging and food included. Will be assigned to a room for only 2 people.”


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    I didn’t want to assign two people into the counselor rooms without them deciding who they would room with, mostly to avoid the potential drama that could occur. At the same time I didn’t want people to grab the rooms by themselves and cut the capacity on those kinds of rooms. So we did require people to get those rooms with another person.

    Looking at what my current cabin allocations are, we have a couple of these rooms that are going to be going unused. Since we are at the end of registration I’m willing to show some flexibility on this one. Go ahead and complete a couples registration and put a placeholder name into the field for the other person.

    Let me know if you don’t see this before the deadline. I’ll work some magic since you were waiting for a response from me.

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    Oy, the pain of not planning ahead, and completely forgetting about this.  Sorry but I won’t end up attending after all :-Ç

    Hope this can happen again next year!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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