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YES we are alive. North dakota has furs.. Yes i know it's a Dam fact!

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    As of right now most things furry wise are scatted between 3 smaller groups in this state the RRvF, The Bismark area furs and the Magic city furs, (formerly known as Monfurs) but I hope in the comming months we can grow as a group and do more as a state. yes i know our state is scatted from Williston, Dickinson to Bismark, Minot, and Fargo Grandforks.. but Id like to see something more done here. we are growing.. belive me as a native of the Dakotas, and involved in the fandom for over a decade.. I remember when the upper plains states and midwest were a abysmal black hole. and all we had for furries close was a fledging group in Omaha, Denver and Minniapolis. things have changed alot since then.. with a larger fandom more cons and more events regionaly ..right now we furs in the dakota region are well as most i think would say. the last frontier. Both me and Rignasty are tilting the statisics of our 100+ people towns just by being furries in them.

    Anyway so for you furs that are in the dakotas.. let us hear from you and find your group near your largest population center.

    Im shure there are venues or flyers or social media groups that have caterd to your region.  i know of 3 of them for North dakoa on FB and FA.

    also our local gaming store in minot the Force of habbit is a proud supporter of the Furry fandom and all other fantasy sci-fi, imagination based fandoms.

    with that im going to end this..

    with some links to our scatted north dakota groups

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/magiccityfurs/   Minot Area

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/redrivervallyfurs  Or freinds who guard the Eastren Front.




    I know dang well that i’ve forgotten a few other group links Twitter feeds and whatnots.. but heck thats why i made this post so introduce yourselves .. post links to the few other scatterings of north dakota furs out there and lets see what we can pull together.

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    Glad to hear it, Divitus!

    For a while I really had no idea statistically what the population of furs were in the Dakotas.

    We will always try and do our best to include your group (RRVF as well) and extend invites out to events here and anything more closer.  If you ever have anything that comes, we look forward to hearing more about it here.

    Alternatively, I created this thread for regional-related events –> https://www.mnfurs.org/forums/topic/regional-event-discussions/

    Already watching the FA pages and part of the FB page.

    Talk to you soon!

    ~ Drake M.

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    Furry Migration Staff ~ Programming - A will be a wandering staff photographer at FM this year.  Want a photo or two or more?  I'll be around!

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    Hey, furry in Moorhead here. Would love to get to know people in the area!


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    In Grand forks, during the school year a few of us get together once every week or so. Play card games, get late night dinner somewhere (it used to be dennys, but we may be going to Flying Jays next year). 2 of us did the costume contest at the University last year, and we do random suiting, so thats always an option for new furs going to UND =3

    Wut o.o

    Im Sike AND Banana

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    MSUM here, but with a car, so I can go wherever. No suit yet (for a long time I think) but I’m meeting people all the time. I’ll keep my ear to the ground!


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    Hey, Bowman county over here, just starting and yet to find another furry close by, figured this is my best chance.
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