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Yo. I'm new.

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    Hey y’all, I’m Wishbone. You can call me WB for short, or Narri (one of my other online handles) if you prefer. I’m extremely new to MNFurs, but not new to the Twin Cities at all. I’ve lived in the West Metro for my entire life, excepting a few years in Madison, WI for college. Hell, I probably went to high school with some of you.

    I’m 25 years old and a guy, so don’t be fooled by my sona. I’ve been a fairly casual furry, or technically scalie, since 2009 when one of my friends designed my first sona, but didn’t really hit my stride in the community until around 2013. I’m “professionally” a freelance web designer, though I went to school for Fine Arts. Tragically, I’ve gotten worse at drawing in the years since college, but I try not to get too rusty, producing one or two pieces of furry “art” a month. Most of my free time is eaten up by gaming, both video and tabletop. Once upon a time I was a lit nerd, too.

    I’m looking to make friends with some other furs, to have more like-minded people to hang out with. Most of my real-life friends have moved out of state in the last few years, and I haven’t really replenished the numbers. If your circle needs a new jerk to draw your characters, I’m your guy.

    That’s everything I can think to say without being too wanton in giving out personal details online. If I seem cagey at first, I apologize; I have a somewhat sardonic and dry personality when I type, I promise I warm right up to people once I get to know them a little.


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    Hello! Welcome!

    Im a total trash mammal.

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    And if anyone wants to chat, my inbox is open!


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    Hello and welcome

    To obtain something of equal value must be lost. That is the law of life.

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