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MNFurs Presents Werecamp!

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    I work with Sprint and I can confirm there is no Sprint voice coverage for that address (roaming or otherwise). …. oddly enough it shows full LTE coverage. That must be a mistake though, the nearest tower is almost 8 miles away and isn’t one of the LTE+ towers that can actually do that kind of range.

    AT&T is the only cell provider close enough to the park to reach into the valley, and I wouldn’t guarantee coverage by them even. I get reception for Verizon at the top of the bluffs, but nothing down below.

    There is WiFi at the visitor center and we have a phone that can be used if you bring a calling card. But yeah, don’t expect reliable cell service.

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    hope i can make it!!
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    Posting this again since there are two thread on Werecamp, and I hope to give this visibility.

    Hey Everyone, I’ve got an event to add to Werecamp!

    I participate in a LARP local to Minnesota where we act as modern day Werewolves – and I plan to bring the game to Werecamp as a come-and-go event for those interested in trying out a basic, down to earth LARP. The only experience you need is how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors (and don’t worry, that is easy to learn that too).
    It’s my hope to offer people a chance to build their own characters and provide pre-gen sheets as well. I’ll fill the role of Storyteller (or Dungeon Master if you like) and guide players of any experience level.
    I’ll be glad to put down more groundwork and details when a proper thread for Werecamp Events is available. This is the teaser for a come-as-you-are event open to all!


    Join a community LARP in Minneapolis: Twin City Garou
    Come be a Werewolf twice a month in a casual roleplay setting.

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    For the couple room is it 140 each? Or 140 for the room?
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    It is $140 per person and 2 register requesting each other for that room.  Means the room is $280. But before we think that is crazy pricey that is private room for 2 plus registration for both plus food for both for entire weekend.  Still comes up cheaper than a convention.
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    Thank you! Will probably do the 80 room, but just wanted to know ^^
Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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